Episode 005 | Meal Time with Intention

What are you doing your child starts making a mess, intentionally, at the dinner table instead of eating their food? Kelly shares with they’ve been doing when their little one starts to lose patience at dinner time, and Sergeant Susie weighs in. PRODUCT MENTION: Baby Food PouchesRelated Products We Love & Recommend: *These are Amazon Affiliate Links. When you use these links, we get a little kickback at no cost to you. DISCLAIMER: Please note that the views and opinions … Read More

Episode 004 | Wiggle Worm Diaper Change Struggles

In this episode, Kelly asks for Sergeant Susie’s advice when it comes to diaper changes and the baby being a wiggle worm. When your baby wants to do anything but lay still for that critical poopy diaper change, what are you do!? Susie shares a couple stories and some good and simple advice to help you get through diaper changed a little easier, and establishing a routine even for the simple task of a diaper change. PRODUCT MENTION: Nora’s Nursery … Read More

Episode 003 | Sergeant Susie Says NO Devices

Kelly broke down on the last 30 minutes of a 90-minute drive and pulled out a tablet to keep the little one happy. Sergeant Susie gave THAT LOOK that says, “Do you really want to know what I think?”. Susie explains why she says “NO!” to digital devices. TVs, smartphones, tablets – you name it. They might make sticky situations easier, but we aren’t teaching our kids the valuable lessons of patience and self-entertainment. Tune in for all the dirty … Read More

Episode 002 | Baby Proofing ain’t What the Doctor Ordered

This episodes conversation is sparked by What The Doctor Said. (Side Note: our pediatrician is AWESOME!) Kelly didn’t agree, and figured Sergeant Susie wouldn’t either… and she was right! But first, Kelly shares how Sleep Training has been going since the discussion in the previous episode, Episode 001 | Sleep Training, AKA, Mama Training 101. This episode dives into baby proofing, recommended by the doctor, much to our agreement, but he suggested something that we find to be a little … Read More

Episode 001 | Sleep Training, AKA, Mama Training 101

Sergeant Susie dishes on host, Kelly, who is a first time new mom. Kelly’s been struggling with lack of sleep because of the little one (Charlie) waking up over and over, and progressively getting worse. Kelly and Susie talk about where she’s been going wrong, where mom guilt comes into play, and they talk about what Kelly needs to do to get sleep back on track for the whole household. We’ll give you a hint… the solution is called “sleep … Read More

INTRO EPISODE | The Sergeant Susie Show

Please join us for our introductory episode of “The Sergeant Susie Show”. My Mom Susie and I (Kelly, your host) share a little about ourselves so you can get to know us. We also dish on how this idea came to be, why we decided to start a show, and how we think our show’s many future topics will hone your parenting skills and help you raise well-behaved children who grow into respected adults. We also discuss the basis of how … Read More

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