An Unexpected Break

To our fans and loyal listeners… Susie and I (Kelly) are truly sorry for the long and unexpected break we have taken. Our listeners may have noticed that episodes came to a screeching halt come end of April 2023. Both Susie and I have been battling germs that seem never-ending. And while Susie’s deal is personal, I’m comfortable sharing that I’ve been battling a reoccurring cold since the beginning of May and I’m still sick with it today, June 22, … Read More

Episode 018 | When Feeding your 12-Month Old Gets Old

When the milk is so good (and so readily available), how do you encourage your little ones to start trying and eating solid foods? After sharing their food-eating adventure to date, Kelly asks Sergeant Susie for help! Charlie isn’t eating much and Kelly is about ready to dial down the breastfeeding as she introduces Charlie to Whole Milk. Sergeant Susie gives a little advice that may make meal-time more successful. PRODUCT MENTION: Baby Food PouchesRelated Products We Love & Recommend: … Read More

Episode 017 | Who’s In Charge In Your Home

As Tim Taylor said to his wife Jill on the family sitcom, Home Improvement, “If we’re not in charge, then we’re just the tallest people living here.” In many households, kids rule the land, so today we’re talking about how to make sure you as the parent are the leader and authority in your home… without yelling or any other negative reinforcements. We talk about the trickle down effects of an effective authority figure, like kids growing in to respected … Read More

Episode 016 | Giving Your Kids What they Crave Most

What do you think your kids crave most? It’s simpler than you think. If you are struggling to bond with your youngsters, you might find a little relief after listening to this episode. We all need connection, and your babies and children of any age crave it desperately! We also received our first TWO listener questions that tie into today’s topic perfectly! One question from Josh in the UK is a soon to be new parent that is young and … Read More

Shout out to our Podcast Photographer, Kelly Heck Photography

We’d like to give a little shameless shout out to the host of our show, Kelly Heck. She is a phenomenal photographer and she perfectly captured our vision for the podcast cover art, as well as more portraits for our marketing collateral. If you need professional photo services, visit Kelly is a corporate and commercial photographer specializing in branding photography and portraits, staff headshots, product photos, and much more… photos that add incredible value to your business marketing efforts!

New Designs just landed in the Sergeant Susie SHOP!

New designs just landed in the Sergeant Susie shop! These fun designs are dedicated to fans of The Sergeant Susie Show. Sport Susie’s favorite sayings… “Do you REALLY want to know?” and “Sergeant Susie said so!“ We’ve also started designing some pieces dedicated to all the Mamas out there! Shop clothing items, mugs, stickers, magnets, throw pillows, journals, wall art, buttons, phone cases, and more! More designs are coming, so be sure to check the SHOP regularly!

SHOP the Sergeant Susie Brand, Launched TODAY!

Welcome to the official launch of “The Sergeant Susie Show” brand! We are excited to announce the release of our line of shoppable products that you can wear to show off your support for our podcast. We’ve selected a variety of high-quality and comfortable clothing items, including T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, crewneck sweatshirts, hoodies, and tank tops. We also have magnets and stickers for those who want to show their support in other ways. We are proud to partner with … Read More

Welcome to The Sergeant Susie Show official website!

Welcome to the Sergeant Susie Show, a podcast all about taking control of parenthood once and for all! On our show, you’ll hear straight talk, “Dear Abby” style, from Susie herself, as well as insightful questions and witty comebacks from her daughter and host, Kelly. We believe that raising well-behaved children who grow into respected adults is easier than you might think, and we’re here to help you improve in all areas of parenting, including child rearing, setting boundaries, strengthening … Read More