Episode 016 | Giving Your Kids What they Crave Most

What do you think your kids crave most? It’s simpler than you think. If you are struggling to bond with your youngsters, you might find a little relief after listening to this episode. We all need connection, and your babies and children of any age crave it desperately!

We also received our first TWO listener questions that tie into today’s topic perfectly!

One question from Josh in the UK is a soon to be new parent that is young and nervous about fostering connection with their new baby. We talk about “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman and how important they are in raising children into emotionally successful adults. Your children want 100% of your time, attention, and love.

Another question comes from Sheena in Maryland… she asks how Sergeant Susie would handle a 1-year old who has started biting. Sometimes as any parent knows, this can be as simple as teething. But sometimes it’s that your kids are craving… you guessed it… YOUR ATTENTION! Kids will do anything they have to to get your attention, and sometimes they will resort to poor behavior to get it.

We also talk about Kelly’s first visit to Reading Time at their Public Library and how great it was for Charlie to play and interact with others.

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