An Unexpected Break

To our fans and loyal listeners…

Susie and I (Kelly) are truly sorry for the long and unexpected break we have taken. Our listeners may have noticed that episodes came to a screeching halt come end of April 2023.

Both Susie and I have been battling germs that seem never-ending. And while Susie’s deal is personal, I’m comfortable sharing that I’ve been battling a reoccurring cold since the beginning of May and I’m still sick with it today, June 22, 2023, with extreme fatigue and lots of congestion. I’m sure “How Not to Loose Your Mind when Caring for a Sick Child while Sick Yourself” will be a topic, once we are all feeling better and back to the recording station.

Susie is also helping a family member in need. And understandably so, being there for family is a way higher priority than the show.

So please, stick with us, and stick by us. We will be back with the same great energy and insights you have come to expect over our first 18 Episodes of The Sergeant Susie Show. When? I can’t say for sure, but I’m aiming for late- July 2023. And until then, I can’t wait to share Charlie and Mama-Life up dates with you, and to enjoy some Mom & Daughter time with my Susie!! We look forward to sharing with you soon.