Episode 014 | Respecting Boundaries & Acting When Safety is of Concern

🚩 TRIGGER WARNING 🚩 *In this podcast episode, we discuss drowning events, kidnapping, and a shooting, which some listeners may find distressing.

We discuss respecting boundaries set by THE PARENTS. Even the strongly opinionated Sergeant Susie asks “do you REALLY want to know what I think” before offering her advice. We talk lightly about differing rules between households. Then we segue into overstepping boundaries when safety is a concern. SGT Susie has so many instances where to stepped into protect other people’s children, including strangers. Kelly learns for the first time why her mom hovered so strongly over the years, and both Kelly and Sergeant Susie talk about how that single negative (or traumatizing) event can change the entire trajectory of your parenting style.

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