Episode 007 | Charlie’s Bedtime Routine

Kelly shares how sleep training has been going and sticking with the bedtime routine (check out our full bedtime routine and notes below!). Learn how consistency in the evening routine has been improving naps, lengths of naps, and bedtime sleep… not just for Charlie, but for the whole household. Kelly also shares the bedtime lullaby that she wrote for Charlie, which Kelly sings every night before bedtime (check out the full 10-verse lullaby below!). Tune in for all the nitty gritty details!

Charlie’s Bedtime Routine:

7:00 PM  |  SLOW DOWN

  • Play Time at Slower Pace


  • Breast Feed

8:00 PM  |  WASH & PJs

  • Medicine
  • Bath Time
  • Fresh PJs & Cloth Diaper

8:15 PM  |  BOOK & BODY

  • Read or Listen to 1 to 2 Books
  • Fresh Diaper
  • Massage


  • Lay In Crib, AWAKE
  • Read 1 to 2 Books
  • Sing Charlie’s Lullaby


  • DO NOT let the baby sleep for TWO (2) HOURS before bedtime.
  • Keep stimulants like tickling, TV, and electronic toys out of the equation.
  • Establish a 30 to 45 minute bedtime routine.
  • Time it right for when things are settled down, never right after stimulation.
  • Know when baby’s sleepy (yawning, eye rubbing or crankiness) but not overtired. 
  • Put the baby down awake.
  • Delay your response time. Don’t rush in at the first whimper.
  • Keep nighttime interactions brief. 
  • Keep the room cool and comfortable, preferably between 68 and 72 degrees.

Charlie’s Bedtime Lullaby

If you love it, just swap out his name for your baby’s! This works best for boys, but could be modified easily for girls.

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